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28 Dec

The Cold Reality

There comes a time when even a self proclaimed summer girl like me needs to let go and join the rain dance. Winter sales are beginning to emerge, and I have a Zara gift card that is yet to be used and an intense itch at the palm of my hands telling me I'll be using it soon enough. Winter time is always filled with inspiration and many creative ideas that I'm having a hard time translating into reality in this cold weather, so instead of adventurous color combos and giant scarves I'm trapped inside a black sweater and four thermal shirts underneath, walking around with a miserable expression.This current post was also shot in one of those days, and actually the...
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25 Dec

My Burgundy Skirt

I've always had this bad habit in which I only use about 10% of my wardrobe. I tend to fall in love with beautiful combinations and thrilled with every new piece I buy. I'm an infamous outfit recycler and the joy I get from wearing an outfit that makes me feel like the best thing since sliced bread is way bigger than the guilt trip I get while I wear my outfits over and over again.I bought the skirt in these photos more than a year ago, and the past year I think I wore it everywhere in every possible combo: with pantyhose and without, with a sweater or a tight shirt, on heels and with flats and basically in every...
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22 Dec

One Sunny Morning

Every now and then,  when I wake up to a beautiful saturday morning with a smile and a cup of hot chocolate I go sightseeing in Ein Hod.To those of you who haven't been there yet, Ein Hod is a charming little artist village around Hof HaCarmel (northern Israel), and as one, the village is all about the little details that make this world so beautiful.Saturday morning I woke up to a sunny day. It was the kind of sun that gently kisses your face, the kind that makes me a bit sleepy and somewhat nostalgic and above all it finally makes me feel peaceful (and some might say slightly artsy fartsy).It was clear that in a sunny morning like...
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