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31 May

Made in Heaven

Why Delilah?- Made in Heaven
When I finally learned that the next inspiration of our blogger group's mutual post will involve "time" interpretations, pretty soon it was clear that my niche on that topic will probably be all about timeless pieces. I don't get to spend much time during life trying to define my personal style, but in a quick scan of my "key items" it becomes clearly evident that most of my wardrobe is built on a solid foundation of timeless basic pieces I've aquired over the years, and I spice up those items with some of my favorite trends for the season when in need.I must admit, as the last of fashion's cliches the first idea that popped into my mind was the much...
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26 May

Summer Love

Why Delilah?- Summer Love
► Suit & Tie - Justin timberlake ft. Jay Z.  ♪Much like every other year, as days get warmer, I go straight back to basics. I find myself using much more minimal makeup, my whole fashion agenda is less fancy, and while the likelihood of finding me in high heels lessens, the demand for fun "easy" pieces to slide into keeps getting higher and higher.Being the type that enjoys summer but has a hard time with the heat of it, most days T- shirt and skinny jeans aren't much of an option for me, so along with other comfy solutions I spend most of May to October wearing dresses. This time I chose this shirt dress by Zara which I fell...
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12 May

You Don’t Say

Why Delilah?- You Don
Confessions from the past few days: > The strange weather combined with my everlasting stomachache and a general lack of patience, gets me making some fashion choices I wouldn't normally make and it seems like if cornered I'll find myself wearing a bikini with thigh high boots and an umbrella pretty soon.> Headscarves are first and foremost an excellent way to disguise awful hair days.> From a quick look at these photos I'm getting a strong autumn vibe. Perhaps it's because my body is (still) not ready for summer. > My hunt of the perfect Heeled nude sandals has officially started.  conclusions so far: nude is not really nude when your skin is moka. > Jaffa never lets down a shy fashion blogger like...
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