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20 Oct


Why Delilah Blog- Greyscale
My current color scheme for this fall is mostly focused around the all time classic pallet of black, white and grey shades, and I'm excited about this clean turn of events. The master plan is to focus my energy into finding some of those classic key pieces that are still missing in my wardrobe, with which I'll be able to build some easy to wear "Go to outfits" for cloudy days and be all dressed up in a matter of minutes, just like I do at summertime. Under the right planning, I predict that when winter finally comes, I'll have just enough time for all of my winter hobbies such as dodging giant puddles, umbrella wrestling (windy days exclusive), taking my laundry...
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14 Oct

Go Green

"Why Delilah?"- Go Green
Life happened and so did the holidays, and once again I found myself insanely busy. It's already fall in the afternoon hours, and as much as an endless summer seems like a genius idea theoretically, as of now I'm pretty excited to let my fall favorites into the breeze and look all ladylike.This too shall pass probably the minute it'll actually be cold outside and I'll have to retreat back to the usual winter complaints while grinding my teeth.  Until that time comes, I'm using my spare time daydreaming about oversized sweaters and knits. There's something very comforting about those, and god knows I'll be needing a good dose of comfort sooner than later when it'll be winter time. This great green oversized...
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2 Oct

Oh, Berlin, I’ll Miss you

It was definitely not my original plan, but somehow our Berlin adventures were dragged into the new (jewish) year. Meanwhile I missed some very important fashion weeks, turned 25, and lately the blog joined me to celebrate its very exciting first year. I'll make an effort to tell you all about these landmarks soon, but now it's time for the third and last Berlin post which is about my two personal favorites in life: Shopping and snacking. In our search for the next great meal we noticed most restaurants had a very similar menu. It includes all options from a burger to pizza and sushi, and although there's no specific specialty, most times the food is pretty good or at least decent,...
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