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12 Nov


Why Delilah Blog- November
Just like any other year, this November too I caught myself a very exhausting cold. You can't really expect much else of a season which requires you to walk in sandals and sweater, it's only obvious you'll be spending it bonding with your aspirin and thermometer. These last few days I've been wearing many black outfits and I'm having lots of fun exploring some outfit ideas with my existing basics. That certainly doesn't mean I'm no longer craving some massive shopping, but unlike many other times, I'm feeling highly inspired lately.Since I spent most of this week feeling sorry for myself while blowing my nose, I developed an easy, winning formula to quick dressing, featuring my favorite pair of jeans for...
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1 Nov

Sugar and Spice

Why Delilah Blog- Sugar and Spice
Some days I feel like a new and improved, highly impressive version of myself. The kind that can conquer the world or at least get over the fear of sitting on gum. I was having one of those days the day that we shot this post.  It may not be a fair fight since we took the car that morning (no gum worries for me!), and the newly cold weather seemed more inviting than ever before, but still, when I stepped out of the house to take these photos with NO makeup on and was still confident, for a minute there I felt all drunk with power.I've been trying to recapture the magic ever since. Well I'm not all the way there...
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