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26 Jan

Evening Coffee with Gal Halfon

Why Delilah ft Gal Halfon 2015 Winter Collection
 Every now and then thanks to writing this blog, I get the chance to meet the most talented people. The invitation to Gal Halfon's blogger event came in great timing as I felt like her design aesthetic fits perfectly with my current wardrobe choices. Unfortunately, it was also time for my yearly flu.Soon after, all better and super excited, I arrived at Gal's boutique, where I met her and Chedva (Who along with Gal organized the blogger party, and our meeting too) and got an up close and personal glimpse at Gal's beautiful winter collection. It didn't take longer than a minute I think for me to fall in love with the boutique's design and whole vibe. You can tell pretty...
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21 Jan


Why Delilah?- Blackbird. Black winter look
The sun finally came for a visit this week after many long days of gloomy weather, but it was too late for me, I was already sound asleep, I guess that's just what I do this time of year. I'm probably the most hideous fashion blogger (and person) when it comes to those super cold days, since I really couldn't care less about anything besides keeping warm and it wouldn't be much of a struggle for you to catch me wearing sweats with two pairs of leggings underneath, colorful socks with smiley sheeps on them, a beanie, trainers and a parka to cover it all up. Just before I fully transformed into this rutten couch potato version of myself, we managed to...
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5 Jan


Why Delilah?- 2015
Fashionably late as always, just popping by to wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2015 be the greatest year yet, filled with joy and laughter. May we be well dressed at all times, dream bigger, travel more, and smile every single day. I can't thank you enough for making this place into a little piece of heaven for me with every comment, email and peek. It means the world to me!באיחור אופנתי (תמיד הצטיינתי בדד- ליינים), קופצת לאחל לכם שנה אזרחית נהדרת ומלאה בכל טוב ולהודות לכם שהפכתם את הפינה הקטנה הזו לעולם שלם ונפלא עם כל תגובה, מייל והצצה שהקדשתם לי.  שגם השנה נעשה ונצליח, נחלום גדול, נטייל יותר ונחייך מדי יום. אה, ושהאביב יגיע כבר!נשתמע ממש עוד רגע, ועד...
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