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30 Mar

Modern Love

Why Delilah- Modern Love. Our perfect spring getaway
Seven years ago I fell in love with Max and we've been celebrating life together ever since, Usually on our living room couch. Though we're both not the most festive of people, the beginning of our eighth year together was a definite cause for celebration and we chose to spend it at a wonderful small resort called "Above the Kinneret", located at Korazim (north Israel), just about ten minutes from Rosh- Pinna.Most of our vacations and mini vacations are loaded with tons of activities and tourist attractions. This time around we had one night only and as soon as we got to the resort it was already clear we're not going anywhere from here. Except for the jacuzzi that is. I wasn't...
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25 Mar


Why Delilah?- Lemonade. Button down shirt & jeans with asos sliders
When I first started blogging, I had all these thoughts and ideas of this flawless european (french, if you will) girl I wanted to be. The kind that takes photos in dark, urban, dreamy locations, as the wind gently touches her hair, all while she's keeping a stoic expression on her beautiful pale face.As it turns out (not surprisingly so, but still), not all dreams do come true. Good intentions and all, I kept waking up in sunny (gorgeous) Israel, where the wind is never gentle, and humidity isn't a dirty word, just a simple reality. Well, I've had to make lemonade with my lemons, so I used my middle eastern tan and did just that. It was actually easier than I thought,...
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2 Mar

Little Darling

Why Delilah?- Little Darling. White Asos jumper for spring
These past three months has gone by so fast, it feels like I haven't even had enough time to take a deep breath. Now that's not actually true, 'cause if 24 hours a day are enough for Madonna (for example), they should be pretty satisfactory for me as well. On the other hand, I suspect Madonna doesn't dedicate extra time to go over her Instagram feed.Now that spring is on its way and I'm already carrying a spare tissue in my bag, I think it's time to take another breath and open all doors. Hey there spring, Iv'e been waiting.זה מרגיש כאילו שלושת החודשים האחרונים נעשו בנשימה אחת אותה לקחתי בתחילת ינואר ומאז אין לי ממש זמן לעצור לנשום. עכשיו זה...
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