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27 Apr

Think Pink

Why Delilah?- Think Pink.
Israeli independence day last week, along with writing this blog for a good while now, gave me a major itch to experiment and write more about local fashion. I'll be the first to admit I don't wonder nearly enough as I should about the price of fast fashion and lately it's been on my mind more. Another significant reason for me is the need to support local designers. All important causes aside, my recent cravings are mostly motivated by the talented minds that seem to be everywhere I go. This pink kimono jacket by Gal Halfon is currently at the top of my spring selections, and revealed itself to be an absolute essential these days, working overtime and all. Combined with my Penumbra bracelet...
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10 Apr

Pass it Over

Why Delilah?- Pass it Over
.It's Passover time and as fun as the holiday vacation is, I can't eat another matzah to save my life. Onion bread, olive bread, nut bread or just any bread. I want them all Meanwhile we've been living on sushi just as our ancestors in Egypt did. No tempura.This year too we hosted the Seder dinner at my parents house and after the first few minutes of formality on stilettos, by the time we got to "Mah Nishtana?" I was already getting comfortable in my slippers. As you probably noticed, I've been completely obsessed with jeans lately and holiday dinner was no exception. To spice it up a little I wore this Asos Africa top and felt pretty great in it if I may...
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1 Apr

Walking on Sunshine

Why Delilah- Walking on Sunshine. Building the ultimate vacation wardrobe
Our magical mini vacay and this upcoming summer got me wishing for my own perfect vacation wardrobe. I don't go on as many vacations as I wish to, (someone should really be accountable for that!) and looking closely resort wear is a really lacking section in my closet. On the (dream) menu: All kinds of kaftans (haven't maxed out on those yet), linen clothing (such a cliche), loose maxi dresses made with simple casual fabrics, combined with statement jewelry (the entire Penumbra Human Bridges collection would be great, thanks), and of course, the glue that holds this whole thing together- million pairs of sandals.On our recent vacation I officially welcomed spring in my favorite white shirt paired with hot pink shorts (brave...
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