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30 Nov

Leaving Provence

Before we left Provence, we decided to take a day to travel through the countryside, visiting some small towns. We spent a couple of hours in each town, which gave us just enough time to eat (and eat some more), to take photos and catch the ambience. We began our day at Sorgue, where everyone seems to be on vacation at all times. Perhaps they're all tourists just like us, or maybe it's just that their grey routine suddenly seems so much brighter, since they actually work at heaven on earth.The next place we got to was Gordes, small town located on a hill, mostly famous for its beautiful lavender fields known worldwide. We didn't get to see any lavender at the...
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25 Nov

Smooth Sailing

Why Delilah?- From Rhone Alpes to Provence
By the time we got to Annecy we were hungry, tired and slightly moody, thinking that the peak of our trip is now behind us, coming from Chamonix. Although Max ate the most horrible burger for dinner that day, our peak was definitely not behind us and I couldn't stop squealing with joy the minute I saw Anncey's twinkling lights for the first time.Getting to Avignon was a different story though. Avignon did finally manage to win my heart, but it wasn't love at first sight. We first arrived late at night, and apart from some shady looking people and a creepy guy stealing a motorcycle, the streets of Avignon were pretty much empty.I spent that night begging Max to...
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5 Nov

Sky High

Why Delilah?- Rhone Alpes, Yvoire & Chamonix Mont Blanc
I made you a promise and it's about time I keep it, so here comes the first post about our french experience. At first I thought I should sum it all up in one post but this vacation of ours was so perfect, I'll have to relish this thing forever. I should really travel more, the land of baguette totally suits me.So as you probably figured by now, at the beginning of september, just between both of our birthdays, Max and I hopped on a plane and made our way to Rhône-Alpes, France. We first landed in Geneva but didn't stay long and continued straight to a picture perfect little town called Yvoire, relatively close to the swiss border. Yvoire is...
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