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25 Mar

Wedding Bells!


It was long overdue, and finally, on a beautiful sunny Friday morning of mid February, my older brother Shai married his gorgeous better half, and the perfect fit to our growing family- Odelia. 

From the get go, the plan was to have a low key, casual wedding celebration with only close friends and family. The venue chosen was the Garden Hotel in Haifa, our hometown, and once the venue was decided, the entire thing was planned in no more than a couple of months (we actually only finished the sitting charts the night before), which probably made this wedding the most effortless wedding that ever took place. 

I guess my objectivity is in question, given that the groom is my favorite and only brother and the bride is one of my besties, but it’s not often I get this excited and emotional at weddings. I loved everything about it, and most of all I loved the fact that each of their choices was a perfect expression of their personalities and relationship. 

As far as the ceremony goes, they kept it traditional, with our cousin officiating the wedding, and our uncle doing the seven toasts. This was not only an honor and a privilege, but also made their union extra special. 


DSC_1976 Untitled-6-2Getting her hair done by talented hair & makeup artist Rami Elmakies. Wearing a modified Asos dress.



Always the makeup artist, now the bride- working on her natural makeup look. 


DSC_2076Groom close up. Wearing a total look by Zara & Aldo shoes.


DSC_2227 DSC_2067 DSC_2541 DSC_2003 Untitled-7-2-2DSC_2272DSC_2338-2IMG_8467Walking down the aisle to the sound of “Fly me to the moon”


IMG_8478DSC_2369DSC_2348DSC_2377DSC_2391Just married! 




Photography by Max Bluestone.

  • Emilia Hazan

    הי נחמד לשמוע ממך מדי פעם:-)

    אחיו יפיוף וממש דומה לך וגם האישה מדהימה
    מזל טוב לזוג המאושר

    גם אנחנו התחתנו ביום שישי בשושן פורים בדיוק לפני 4 שנים
    זה כיף חתונת בוקר-צהריים
    גם הצתפריט היה קליל מאוד וחלבי ולא בשרי והיו פינות ישיבה נחמדות כמו ב

    March 29, 2016 at 4:07 pm Reply
  • Karin

    קולולולו :) איזה פוסט אופטימי וכיפי!
    התמונות מדהימות, כל הכבוד למקסוש החמוד.
    ומזל טוב על המעבר לבלוגריה החדשה ^_^

    March 29, 2016 at 5:41 pm Reply

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