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30 Jun

Ladies First

Ladies first, keds100, keds style, swimsuit, summer outfits, keds collaboration, travel
Since I decided not to let reality get in the way of my vacation, life has become so much more fun. I explore new fabulous places within an hour or two radius of my home, and feel as if I'm taking over the entire world. I was sure I already found out all I ever needed to know about the woman I wanted to be, and was convinced that woman was an extra powerful, well dressed couch potato. It was much to my surprise when my new calling revealed itself in the form of needing to see, feel, learn and take photos of everything. I was so excited to collaborate with Keds on this post, celebrating 100 years of iconic...
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22 Jun

Red Lip, White Shirt

As you all know well by now, I'm all about great basics and classics and my style is very much based around those iconic pieces you can't ever go wrong with. I shared my favorite classics on the blog many times now, but somehow I don't think I ever got to write about this one, and it's about time!  I'm talking about the ever- lasting- always- working combo: White shirt, red lip, blue jeans.  Try it. "When in doubt, reach for your classics" was one of my tips on my wedding season guide (here), and I stand by it on an every day basis too. I believe that some things never change, so when my hair is messy or when I'm having an "off...
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19 Jun

I’ts Wedding Season, Yet Again

Wedding guest style, Wedding style, Style tips, Makeup tips, Summer weddings, Date nights, Wedding season
Wedding season is officially upon us yet again, and as all of our friends are tying the knot, weddings are our new date nights plus girls nights out. I'm getting close to that age where I need an extra special reason to leave the couch, and weddings are just that- cause for celebration. If you're in your late 20's approaching early 30's you probably feel my point. Since this is my main occupation these days, in these upcoming summer weeks I'll be sharing some wedding guest tips and essentials for you all to keep in mind. 1. Endless WhatsApp support groups: The wedding guest dilemma is one your better half, as kind and patient as he is, will never understand. Well, that's what friends...
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