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19 Jun

I’ts Wedding Season, Yet Again

Wedding guest style, Wedding style, Style tips, Makeup tips, Summer weddings, Date nights, Wedding season

Wedding season is officially upon us yet again, and as all of our friends are tying the knot, weddings are our new date nights plus girls nights out. I’m getting close to that age where I need an extra special reason to leave the couch, and weddings are just that- cause for celebration. If you’re in your late 20’s approaching early 30’s you probably feel my point.
Since this is my main occupation these days, in these upcoming summer weeks I’ll be sharing some wedding guest tips and essentials for you all to keep in mind.

1. Endless WhatsApp support groups: The wedding guest dilemma is one your better half, as kind and patient as he is, will never understand. Well, that’s what friends are for! Share your thoughts and options with your girls, they all know that looking effortless takes major effort and will never judge your journey. Girl power hour it is.

2. Get ready ahead of time: I’m a planner in general, plus I have great fun getting ready for these types of events, so I usually plan ahead. I love searching through my favorite sites for perfect outfits, and I take the time to do it whenever I can. If you’re buying online, don’t wait for last minute. When I can afford it, I love buying from local designers and when I can’t- Asos is always a perfect life savior.  

3. Get your ducks in a row: I literally live for perfect outfits and as the years went by I became much more aware of the fact that a nice dress is not a total look. This might be a tip for heavy addicts, but take the time to plan your total look. Nails, makeup, jewels, shoes and of course bags (my achilles) should be taken in consideration when getting ready. 

4. essentials: If you did not think ahead because you didn’t have the time, can’t afford it or just have a life, these essentials will pull your look together and will pretty much go with every look you choose.


Wedding guest style, Wedding style essentials, Style tips, Makeup tips, Summer weddings, Date nights, Wedding season


– Shoe department: Black or nude classic sandals. When it comes to summer weddings, these two pairs will get you set and ready to go. I personally love my shoes either completely flat or on super high heels, but that’s not the case for everyone. My point is: When in doubt, reach for your classics. 


Wedding guest style, Wedding style essentials, Style tips, Makeup tips, Summer weddings, Date nights, Wedding season


– Makeup choices: I have very little talent in the makeup department. Luckily enough my sister in law is a makeup mastermind and a great nurturer so I rely on her talent whenever possible, but if you do not have your own personal makeup artist at your fingertips, great eyeliner & mascara, Nude and red lipstick are the essentials of my choosing and will get you ready for all events possible.

 _Wedding guest style, Wedding style essentials, Style tips, Makeup tips, Summer weddings, Date nights, Wedding season


I’m often asked how I do my eyeliner, so just know if you’re not big on the eyeliner technique, Youtube is a great teacher, he taught me way back when. 

– Same goes for nails. Natural tones always work best when all else fails. Make sure you always keep a bottle of black, white, milk-ish and burgundy nail polish.

5. Go versatile: Be ready, but not red carpet ready. Keep your wedding outfits practical. This tip comes to play in two ways, the first is being comfortable as possible, so you can go wild and free on the dancefloor. The second and most important reason- we spend good money on our wedding guest looks, so if you don’t want to end up with a closet full of fancy hot dresses you can’t ever wear again, make wise choices and buy outfits that you can dress up or down, and wear on many occasions.

6. Fifty shades: I’m the first one to opt for black and white looks every day of the year, but I keep these two favorites at home when going to weddings. White I avoid for obvious reasons (although you may all come to my wedding wearing white, I really don’t mind it), and black just because I like to keep it more lively on special occasions. I can however, break my non- black rule, for the right dress. You can read more about it here. 

These are my tips for now and I’ll be sharing some more soon, plus some summer wedding outfits and makeup looks, stay tuned and please share your thoughts and insights! 

Happy wedding season ya’ll! 


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