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27 Dec

Winter White Love | Se7en by Medusa

By now my love story with Medusa is no secret. I'm always so excited to feature beautiful creations on this little home of mine and Medusa's "Se7en" birthday collection gave me all the more reason for stylish celebrations. This special collection is a white take on some old favorites and as a fan of all things white I was literally obsessed the minute I saw it. Although it's been a short moment since the birthday celebration, this touch of winter white that can easily carry you into warmer days ahead is everything a girl like me can ask for. I chose to pair these bags with two of my go- to outfits these days, both meant for not so stormy...
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7 Dec

Welcoming Winter

It's been a while since I was last here, but it's all due to happy reasons. It was the beginning of October when we left for our Thailand trip which was all it cracked up to be and more. We left in what seemed to be an endless summer and came back to a perfectly grey winter. Just like every other year, for a minute there I was kind of excited for the cooler weather, but well, I would appreciate getting my spring back right about now. It's a good thing every cloud has a silver lining and although I'm not a fan of winter, for now It's not even that cold and I can still rock some of my favorite winter styles.  __ Wearing: Asos...
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