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23 Feb

Black Lines

I guess I got caught up in some sort of a rut but anytime I try to think of what to wear for my day, I find myself eventually wearing all black and wondering how this happened. At the beginning of winter I found my black moments rather refreshing, but as we're coming towards spring I'm getting awfully tired (Mostly tired of cold weather, make it go away!) and looking for my airy, fun, spring outfits. Meanwhile, as black is still my happy colour for now, I figured it would be nice to share with you some of the tricks that helped me on my journey to not be bored out of my mind with black outfits at this point in time.Mixing...
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1 Feb

No Shopping winter?

This was not a conscious decision by any means, but a few days ago I first noticed I went through the entire fall and the better half of winter without doing any shopping whatsoever. I never tried any kind of an official break from shopping, as I mostly find it a fun treat, perfect "me time" and really do have relatively healthy shopping habits, but I was always super curious to read and hear about no shopping challenges, minimalistic living and wardrobe, and anything involving life changing style choices.  I was really excited to learn I can go through all this time without even thinking about shopping. This was quite a big shocker for a girl like me, spending a decent amount of time on...
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