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23 Feb

Black Lines


I guess I got caught up in some sort of a rut but anytime I try to think of what to wear for my day, I find myself eventually wearing all black and wondering how this happened. At the beginning of winter I found my black moments rather refreshing, but as we’re coming towards spring I’m getting awfully tired (Mostly tired of cold weather, make it go away!) and looking for my airy, fun, spring outfits.

Meanwhile, as black is still my happy colour for now, I figured it would be nice to share with you some of the tricks that helped me on my journey to not be bored out of my mind with black outfits at this point in time.

  • Mixing textures: My favourite trick when wearing black (or any colour actually) is to keep things interesting by mixing different textures, I try to use this one the entire year, but during winter you certainly have more room to play with. since your’e already wearing a bunch of layers, you might as well have fun with it. For exmp, try wearing your thick knit oversized sweater with black leather look pants and suede booties, or in my own personal example, your A line leather look skirt with a light turtleneck top and sheer black tights. This always gives a nice twist and takes your black look that extra mile it needs.
  • Spice it up: this one’s somewhere between mixing textures and accessorizing. I love using the small details to my advantage especially when it comes to clean monochrome looks. The zippers on your biker jacket, buttons on your skirt or fringes on your bag can be a nice touch, I guess than what I’m saying is to shop wisely for your black essentials.
  • Accessorise: Although I usually like my looks super clean, you can’t underestimate the importance of accessories. These can make or break your outfit and are important to keep in mind. You can take this tip however you want- whether you’d like to use a colourful statement necklace and have your fun, or keep things clean as I do with only gold or silver classics, you can find the perfect match for you and both ways will add that extra “oomph” your looking for.
  • Make some effort on your hair & makeup: This one I don’t always keep but I always mean to. The plus and the minus of wearing monochrome looks and black in particular, is that your face get extra attention. This takes the importance of good skincare and well treated hair to a whole other level. Flawless hair & makeup will take your look from nice to absolute Parisian perfection.
  • Quality beats all: My life mantra. Cheap *looking* clothing will bite you in the ass. This does not by any chance mean you have to throw crazy money on your outfits, but you do have to develop that eye you need to spot great catches, and not be tempted to shop for items that are less than true love in your eyes. What you can disguise in bold colours or  busy outfits, is harder to hide in an all black look so it’s important to invest in quality fabrics that will keep you looking sharp through time. 

These are my five basic guide lines and tips to pulling off that perfect minimalistic black outfit. If you have any other thoughts or basic guide lines you feel like I am missing, I would love to hear more about it so please comment and let me know!


  • הילה לוי

    את נראית נפלא בכל צבע וכל גוון. בעיקר מחכה כבר לראות אותך בלבן 😉

    February 23, 2017 at 1:33 pm Reply

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