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11 May

Thailand Bound Pt.3 | Bangkok City Life


Bangkok was such a treat for us the second time around it actually shocked me. I wasn’t too excited to go back to it at first, since our first time there wasn’t all that interesting. There are few things for the average Israeli tourist to do in Bangkok, we tried them all back in 2010 and there was no love connection made, lets just say. We were really uncertain about visiting Bangkok once again but my brother and his wife got back from it so smitten that we just had to see what all the fuss was about, and I’m so glad we did. Here are my top 5 faves to try while in Bangkok, most of them involve shopping of some sort, that’s just who I am: 

  • The Sky Bar in Bangkok is very well known, mostly from that famous rooftop scene on The Hangover 2. I guess you can see many other magical rooftops all around BKK that will cost you much less, but I was really curious about this one. What can I say, I’m a pop culture fanatic. You should keep in mind it’s relatively expansive and has a strict, formal dress code that demands of you to wear the most fabulous outfit you own (this I actually loved), and it’s also super crowded most days. I’m not doing a great job marketing this, I know, but I still feel that its worth an hour visit, just for the funny fartsy experience and amazing view if nothing else. They serve great drinks too.
  • MOCA- museum of contemporary art is an absolute must if you’re into art (and even if you’re not, actually). We were pretty much all by ourselves there. The original plan was to spend an hour or so but we found ourselves so blown away by it, that we ended up walking through the entire museum for about five and a half hours. It’s truly an amazing, mesmerizing place.
  • Asiatique (the river front) night market is such a fun way to spend your evening. I usually love my shopping in air conditioned places, but really enjoyed this market. Really modern, organized, clean and beautiful. I didn’t even buy a whole lot but had so much fun just strolling around the great restaurants, bars and ice cream places, listening to music and enjoying the magical lights all around. A true must.
  • Terminal 21 shopping mall! oh my god, love this place! Literally a shopaholic’s heaven. We were there for an entire day and let me tell you, it’s the ONLY mall that can keep Max interested for a whole day. Besides the great mix of stores (fabulous local brands mixed with beloved Zara and such), Terminal 21’s design is just incredible. Each floor has a concept made to fit a different country, so you can walk across the golden gate bridge and than go down a floor or two to eat your sushi in Tokyo. It’s all thought out to the smallest of details and we literally went “WOW” every ten minutes or so. Do yourself a favour and check this one out, you can thank me later.
  • Siam Paragon & Center. These two are really well known and are just next to each other so you should really visit them both. Filled with high fashion brands I can’t really afford to buy, the Paragon is more of an eye treat for me than anything else. Siam center right next to it, is your typical mall, with fashion brands we all know and love from back home too.
    On the next and final Thailand post I’m saving the best for last- our island experience! So excited for this one so stick around.

    Photography by Max Bluestone.

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    שונה לגמרי מאיך שאני חוויתי את בנגקוק, רעיונות מגניבים לפעם הבאה! ואיזה תמונות מהממות!

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