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18 May

Thailand Bound Pt.4 | Island baby


You don’t have to say much about the islands of Thailand, they are pretty well known and words can’t do them justice. On this vacation we had the opportunity to visit the islands of Phi Phi (including Maya Bay), Ao Nang & Railay Beach in Krabi and also Koh Samui and Haad Yao located in Koh Phangan. Though we were lucky and had plenty of time, I can never get enough of the islands magic so we’ll have to return someday. 

You don’t really need to do a whole lot to enjoy the vibe and feel of the islands, so I’ll mostly leave it to the photos to do my job for me. I will though, leave you with three major musts that made our experience all the more special and looking back I can’t imagine our trip without.

  • Ao nang in Krabi may not be the most beautiful or unique beach Thailand has to offer so if your trip is too short you may want to opt for a more picture perfect one, but if you have some time on your hands, you should really check it out. Though the area is still packed with tourists, it’s really nothing comparing to the other well known islands around (Phi Phi for example). We spent our day in beautiful Railay Beach (Just a taxi boat away) and the evening in Ao Nang. This wasn’t our original plan so we kinda got there by accident, but in hindsight I wish we had even more time there. Ao Nang is perfect for a couple’s night out, filled with fabulous restaurants, live music wherever you go, lovely people and just that perfectly tan summer night vibe you dream of for your vacation.  If you decide to go for it, the Holiday Inn there is a great place to lay your head. 
  • When in Koh Samui, leave whatever it is you’re doing and go for “The Thai Experience”. Of all the tips I gave in these last few Thailand posts, this one’s for sure the greatest. “The Thai Experience” is basically a night of pure, drunk fun with people from all over the world. You’ll be eating (and even cooking) some great local foods and cocktails and also learn some about thai culture and rituals. each meal can host up to 20 people so it’s better to book your place ahead of time. I’m pretty shy so I was kind of worried about this one at first, but I ended up having such a fun time that by the end of the night I had very few filters left.
  • Haad Yao in Koh Phangan was where we ended our trip and it was just postcard beautiful. As a couple living together for 9 years and getting too close to that dirty 30 (holy shit), we were not that into parties this time around so we came to Haad Yao looking for that perfect peace of mind, ultimate freedom, r&r spot. Let me tell you- it was everything we hoped for and so much more! easily accessible on the one hand and on the other so quiet and amazing looking that as you’re drinking your beer looking at that view, you literally can’t believe how freakin’ lucky  you are to be watching this live. It was a very similar feel to the one I had in Pai our first time there, where you just full so fast and so deeply in love that you just know you’ll be back. Oh, what a dream.
    So Thailand is now on our rearview mirror but the bright side (As always) is that summer is officially here, and we’ll make it fab! XO!

Nothing like the freedom to spend your day in a bikini and a top knot.

 OH ,Pool views..

Phi Phi nights..
unnamed (2)Untitled-222DSC_7549_

The flight to Samui and our time in magical Haad Yao (Koh Phangan). Literally the most incredible place you’ll ever see.


Happy and full. Love you oh so much Thailand. Until we meet again.

Photography by Max Bluestone.


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