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22 Feb

Our Wedding – Ceremony & Party

Our Wedding - Ceremony & Party

The day has gone by so fast, and before we knew it was already evening and time for our actual wedding to take place. We got to our beautiful venue – Gallery Events (“HaGaleria” in hebrew) and took a moment to ourselves, had a great meal made by our wonderful wedding caterers “Etz Hasadeh” and some deep breathes.
Our wedding venue was such a dream! The lovely crew of the gallery was there for our every wish, the entire year of planning and of course- the day of.
Our event manager was such a champ all the way and among her many tasks she also took on the job of setting our decor into place for us.

After many (MANY) Pinterest hours, I (once again) chose to go with a quiet, classic colour scheme that will fit the rest of our vibe and well into our venue of choice. For our centrepieces I mainly used white candles at various sizes, combined with glass vases. To add a touch of green we added eucalyptus leaves and called it a day. The gallery itself is so gorgeous, well designed and filled with greenery, there was not much needed anyway.  For the ceremony we used the traditional jewish “huppah” and I loved how it looked without anything on so I just kept it that way.

Our Wedding - Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding - Ceremony & Party_
Due to budget reasons I took it upon myself to design our wedding, and though I’d probably love that job at any other given day, this had to be done relatively close to the wedding itself and among all other things I was juggling it was too much for me to handle. Just a point to keep in mind if you’re planning on doing that same thing. You know if you’re a DIY wizard or not, listen to that intuition. 
Our Wedding - Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding - Ceremony & Party
The amount of love we got was so overwhelming and humbling. We spent a bunch of time building our playlist starting at our wedding reception all the way through to the end. Our reception playlist was mostly made of oldies but goodies we love, all classic love songs from The Beatles to Ray Charles and other music legends. We added some extra spice using some great cover versions too.
As our guests were arriving, emotions were high. We were off the charts excited and so ready to finally tie the knot.
Our Wedding - Ceremony & Party _
We walked down the aisle hand in hand to the sound of “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys and used their oh so symbolic “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” song to finish our ceremony.
Our Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & Party_
As I mentioned, we did a traditional jewish ceremony. We wanted it to feel simple and warm, and got exactly what we hoped for thanks to rabbi Chuck Davidson. The ceremony was very meaningful to us and we loved how he carried it, we feel truly honoured that he was the one to marry us.
Our Wedding- Ceremony & Party_
It’s Officially PARTY time! YAY!

Our Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & Party_
Both myself and my now new hubby were high on life at that point, we don’t know much of what took place but we sure know it was crazy fun. Our DJ Oded Buchbut managed to put together an insane party using our guidelines combined with his knowledge of music. Our requests were pretty routine, featuring hip hop and latin music for the most part using contemporary party hits.
_Our Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & PartyOur Wedding- Ceremony & Party_
I wanted our party to be pure fun, and of course I wanted to treasure any minute of it the best I can. Being free and comfortable was a big thing for me, so a short while after the party started, I sneaked a quick outfit change. I slipped into a white Halston jumpsuit (via Shopbop) which I love! This really helped me loosen up and enjoy the ride and looked fab as well, the reasonable price was also a great plus.
Our Wedding- Ceremony & Party
This is our happily ever after!

If you have any questions at all please contact me via Email or comment here, love hearing your thoughts! On my next post, all I’ve learned on the road towards the aisle and some tips on how to keep calm and sane during this crazy time. XO!
Photography: Ori Sadeh / Video: Ronen Goldshtein / Wedding venue: Gallery Events- Kfar Vitkin / Catering: Etz Hasadeh / Hotel Nordoy / Wedding decor: DIY by yours truly / Rabbi: Chuck Davidson / DJ: Oded Buchbut / Makeup: Odelia Rave / Hair: Assaf Levi / Wedding dress: Calvin Klein via Net- A- Porter / Jumpsuit: Halston Heritage via Shopbop / Bridal Sandals: Stuart Weitzman / Groom’s outfit & shoes: Zara + Aldo / Wedding invitation: Etsy, available here. Printed at Ink Ready Print / Wedding bands- Royal Jewellery, Haifa /  RSVP service: RSVP Events.

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