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11 Mar

How to Be a Bride to Be – Wedding Tips & Tricks

How to be a bride to be- wedding planning tips and insights
I hope you liked our wedding posts so far (If by any chance you missed them, you can read all about it here and here), I sure had so much fun reminiscing and sharing our planning and overall experience with you.  In 11 months of wedding planning you learn a whole lot about yourself, your relationship and even your friends & family. Though it's truly a magical time and I absolutely loved planning our wedding, it sure can be stressful at times and it's easy to loose yourself in the process. That's why I wanted to share with you some insights I've gained along the way among with a few wedding planning tips and tricks that will hopefully help you take it in stride and enjoy the road towards the aisle. _ But first, a few logistics...
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22 Feb

Our Wedding – Ceremony & Party

Our Wedding - Ceremony & Party
The day has gone by so fast, and before we knew it was already evening and time for our actual wedding to take place. We got to our beautiful venue - Gallery Events ("HaGaleria" in hebrew) and took a moment to ourselves, had a great meal made by our wonderful wedding caterers "Etz Hasadeh" and some deep breathes. Our wedding venue was such a dream! The lovely crew of the gallery was there for our every wish, the entire year of planning and of course- the day of. Shiran, Our event manager was such a champ all the way and among her many tasks she also took on the job of setting our decor into place for us. After many (MANY) Pinterest hours, I (once again)...
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