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19 Oct

DeadSea Adventures

Earlier this week finally it was time for us to go on vacation, so we packed our suitcase (or Ikea bags) and off we went to the Dead sea. to tell the truth I've been to the dead sea quite a few times before and could never find myself enchanted with it's wonders. I guess all that was missing is a five stars hotel and a swimming pool because this time I came back from the lowest place on earth completely sky high and in love.As one who knows the country pretty well (or at least pretend to), I felt a little bit ignorant discovering parts of the Dead sea I've never seen before, and without exaggerating do not fall short to...
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30 Sep

Those Awkward Beginnings

No beginning is ever easy, and those where you put yourself out there for the world to see, or to your first two readers (mom? dad? you're here?) sure can't be any easier. I haven't written anything in so long that I can hardly remember where should I put my commas and periods, but I think my second round as a blogger is already here. I used to write about feelings (I used to be 16), this time around I'm writing about beautiful things, daydreaming about skirts, dresses, too many shoes and perhaps about the never ending pursuit of a photogenic life.   So...
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