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3 Aug

Good Vibes Only (Silver Linings)

Some weeks everything just seems kinda off. I'm currently having one of those weeks so this upcoming weekend looks all the more exciting. I decided not to leave it to chance and get my mojo back via my humble "good vibes only" bubble I got going here. This summer brought along many blessings, and I couldn't be more grateful. Don't mean to get all philosophical on you but I do think taking the time to look on the bright side is super helpful and in this hectic life we lead we sure need to learn how to take a moment for positive thinking.  While I'm counting my own personal blessings, just thought this could be a great time to share with you some of my favorite summer...
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19 Jun

I’ts Wedding Season, Yet Again

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Wedding season is officially upon us yet again, and as all of our friends are tying the knot, weddings are our new date nights plus girls nights out. I'm getting close to that age where I need an extra special reason to leave the couch, and weddings are just that- cause for celebration. If you're in your late 20's approaching early 30's you probably feel my point. Since this is my main occupation these days, in these upcoming summer weeks I'll be sharing some wedding guest tips and essentials for you all to keep in mind. 1. Endless WhatsApp support groups: The wedding guest dilemma is one your better half, as kind and patient as he is, will never understand. Well, that's what friends...
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25 Mar

Wedding Bells!

It was long overdue, and finally, on a beautiful sunny Friday morning of mid February, my older brother Shai married his gorgeous better half, and the perfect fit to our growing family- Odelia.  From the get go, the plan was to have a low key, casual wedding celebration with only close friends and family. The venue chosen was the Garden Hotel in Haifa, our hometown, and once the venue was decided, the entire thing was planned in no more than a couple of months (we actually only finished the sitting charts the night before), which probably made this wedding the most effortless wedding that ever took place.  I guess my objectivity is in question, given that the groom is my favorite and only brother and the bride is one of my besties,...
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