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26 Nov

Smiley And The Counselor

 Like most recent weekends, this past weekend too my boyfriend and I took the time to enjoy one of our favorite hobbies and went to the movies.This time it was the new ridley scott movie "The Counselor", that seemed pretty promising at first glance. Although I had a hard time understanding the trailer, I convinced myself very easily that a movie that stars Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt can't be all bad. Max agreed, and in a very forgiving mood we came to see the Counselor's adventures. It really wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't very good either. the reasons I couldn't understand the trailer became very clear to me right at the beginning when this movie turned...
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21 Nov


These past few days I've been all about cuddling in my blanket, eating snacks, wearing hoodies, drinking tea and keeping my air conditioner on the warm side. You can definitely say I'm taking this winter too far too soon, but one thunder is really all it takes for me to decide I'm staying home at least until march. Up until then, I'll take comfort at the small pleasures of avocado and purple lipstick, wear my bottle- green coat, watch re-runs of "Friends" episodes, gain some pounds on my hips and snack on some lentil soup that made it all the way from my parents house in Haifa.The bodysuit in these photos was bought by my mom when I was still a noisy...
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18 Nov

It’s My Party (I’ll Cry if I Want to) ►♫♪

While dealing with the overwhelming return of the nineties I decided to take a break of all black outfits and flannel shirts and pay a loving tribute to my favorite decade of the 20th century. This interpretation to a 60's look of our own day and age has been a favorite of mine quite a few times the past winter and it seems like I'm not ready to let it go just yet. The big hair, the sweet music, the famous mini skirts and the free spirited state of mind that came along with it always get me intrigued, feeling pleasant and yet some what foolish nostalgy to this decade I was never a part of. I'm always tempted to recapture the magic of...
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