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6 Nov

Bug Life

This last monday I cleaned my house.It sounds like a special occasion when I put it that way, and I guess this time it kinda was.This last monday I cleaned my house and when I finished and set down with my whole body aching I saw a roach.I thought I've imagined it, but nope! It was a giant, brown and quite an ugly roach who was travelling (awfully quickly if I might add) inside my house.He emerged from under the hiking backpack and continued to travel towards the kitchen just until he Reached the sole of my boyfriend's shoe and his quick story ended right there.Since that day I've been dreaming about roaches. Roaches in my shower, roaches in the...
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1 Nov

My Boho Moment

My boho moment
Lately all I want to be is this care free girl who's always dressed perfectly sloppy. Her hair is always wavy, messy and sun struck, she goes to indie festivals, listens to indie pop and always speaks slowly.let me blow this coachella bubble for you all at once and say that I'm a pretty neurotic control freak kind of person. that's probably why all this magical nonchalant is sooooo not me. Most of the time I don't even have the patience to listen to people who speak so slowly. I always have to leave the house with every inch of hair in place and god forbid if there's a hole in my pantyhose. Maybe that's why this is all so dreamy to me. So...
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19 Oct

DeadSea Adventures

Earlier this week finally it was time for us to go on vacation, so we packed our suitcase (or Ikea bags) and off we went to the Dead sea. to tell the truth I've been to the dead sea quite a few times before and could never find myself enchanted with it's wonders. I guess all that was missing is a five stars hotel and a swimming pool because this time I came back from the lowest place on earth completely sky high and in love.As one who knows the country pretty well (or at least pretend to), I felt a little bit ignorant discovering parts of the Dead sea I've never seen before, and without exaggerating do not fall short to...
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