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10 Oct

Up Up and Away We Go

Lee Coren, Ana bidi Claire dress, Summer end, tropical vacation outifts, Shlomit ofir, getaway
Not ready to put summer behind me just yet (Never ready for that heartbreak), I find myself holding on to these last sunny days as tight as I can. Although the end of season usually comes with very little inspiration, I know I'm going to miss it the moment I'll have to put on a coat. Given this info, I had to come up with an end of summer plan to keep me sane and nostalgic during the winter months to come. What's my plan? Well, first up and away we go- Tropical vacation is on the list of plans as you well know by now since I literally can't stop talking about it (Drop by my Instagram for more). Outfit ideas: switch out my...
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12 May

Bon Voyage- Israeli Road Trip

One thing I always dreamed about doing was to see Israel through the eyes of a tourist. Growing up here is a wonderful although sometimes tricky experience, and even though as a kid we went on many hikes and adventures across the country, I never had a true road tripping experience in my own country, and this remained a long time dream of mine. luckily enough, Max and I managed to finally squeeze almost a week of free time together, and as we were debating on whether we should travel to Prague or Budapest, time went flying by and we had to think on our feet. that's when we decided it was time. Israel is our travel destination. The plan was...
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2 May


Spa Hotel Mizpe Hayamim, Vacation, R&R, Israel vacation, Chillax.
Every few months there comes that time when the need for a stress reliever starts tingling. It usually takes a good while from the time I first get restless to the moment I realize it's time to chillax and unwind, but when I finally do, the one and only solution is loud and clear: Vacation it is. This time we decided to get ahead of things, and booked our vacation at Mizpe Hayamim months in advance, while we were still giddy from our trip to France. The plan: traditional R&R time, white robes, and endless hot tub hours. The real deal: all of the above plus the 4:00 PM cake. Located just between Zefat and Rosh Pina and mostly known be its...
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