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2 Oct

Oh, Berlin, I’ll Miss you

It was definitely not my original plan, but somehow our Berlin adventures were dragged into the new (jewish) year. Meanwhile I missed some very important fashion weeks, turned 25, and lately the blog joined me to celebrate its very exciting first year. I'll make an effort to tell you all about these landmarks soon, but now it's time for the third and last Berlin post which is about my two personal favorites in life: Shopping and snacking. In our search for the next great meal we noticed most restaurants had a very similar menu. It includes all options from a burger to pizza and sushi, and although there's no specific specialty, most times the food is pretty good or at least decent,...
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23 Sep

Oh, Berlin 2.0

 In most of our travels I tend to jump happily into every tourist trap possible. I get a certain kick out of guided tours, museums and many of the local cliches and I spend very little time trying to fit in. I'm a simple gal that way. This time was no exception, and just like previous times, our Berlin trip was packed with tourist attractions.The first place we got to see on our sightseeing tour was the Reichstag building. The architecture of the Reichstag building is pretty impressive I must say and if you get all the way up into the glass dome you can see the most beautiful view of the entire city. If you put that aside, it was...
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18 Sep

Oh, Berlin

 It all happened so fast but I guess that's just how it is before the holidays.  Meanwhile it was time for our September vacation and this time we chose to spend it in Berlin and loved every second of it.I have to admit when it comes to our trips abroad, I tend to fall in love quite easily, and this time around it didn't take much convincing as well. Berlin has the perfect urban balance. On the one hand it has that classic good looks like you would usually see around europe, and on the other it is the city that almost never sleeps. Filled with street arts and free spirited people, Berlin is everything that Tel Aviv aspires to be.   We...
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