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27 May


Why Delilah- Breezy, River Island black jumpsuit
Lots have been said about jumpsuits and the clumsiness that involved in trying to pee while wearing them, but I find the need to undress on every trip to the ladies' room somehow refreshing - well, it is pretty hot lately. This jumpsuit by River Island made its appearances here (and here) in not so different variations, but lately I felt that the renewed affection I feel for it calls for a third rematch.  Being such a notorious fan of versatile basic items, you can probably guess this black jumpsuit is the most exciting thing that can happen to a girl like me, especially when it comes with pockets! One of the first facts I learned about life is that pockets make everything...
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18 May


Why Delilah?-  The All White Look
 White for spring isn't the most revolutionary of things, but I was never a revolutionary kind of gal and my take on life is more of the "if it's not broken don't fix it", "can't teach an old dog new tricks" and "old habits die hard" type.  I'm a girl of simple wishes, so white for spring it is.This white jean was one of the last few items on my shopping list, and perhaps the most difficult one to get my hands on.  Although they seem to be everywhere you look lately, much like a red dress, white jeans aren't for everyone and at least for me are the kind of item you should be feeling fab about yourself to wear. I think...
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4 May


Why Delilah?- Penumbra jewelry
Life can be so busy at times, we don't always find the time to catch a break and give ourselves the royal treatment we truly deserve. I often treat myself with shopping, sushi, or just a great nap every now and then, but most times all of those treats get mixed up in my daily routine and there are few moments in life when I feel truly spoiled. most of those moments have something to do with food. Go figure.This brass bracelet by Penumbra jewelry was one of the greatest treats I granted myself lately. It caught my eye when Amit Tourgeman, the super talented designer behind the brand, first released his Human Bridges collection, and I waited a long...
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