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13 Jun


While you were sleeping and a bit on the late side, we celebrated the beginning of summer with some much needed R&R in Eilat. There comes a time in every girl's life when you realize your skin could really use some dry desert wind and your mood could really use a vacation, and there comes a time in a guy's life when he truly needs to jump into the pool, so we packed our hats and great friends and headed south to Eilat.Four and a half hours later, sweaty yet excited, we finally reached our destination. We stayed at the Isrotel Princess hotel which among its many advantages I'll have to mention the food was not bad even for little spoiled me,...
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29 Apr


Why Delilah?- Overseas
You can't say no to tradition, so when we reluctantly left the Dead Sea, we decided to continue our trip in Jerusalem, as we do every year. Last year, Max and I were still on a "non smartphones" era , so on our Passover trip to Jerusalem we felt like tourists for the day, using a map instead of Waze and a pocket camera instead of an iphone camera. This year was a whole different story. that being said, I never like to miss an opportunity to be a tourist, and if I can't do it overseas, no iphone is going to stop me from touring my own country.So I wore denim and a hat.   Fully equipped with denim, spring hat and our...
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19 Oct

DeadSea Adventures

Earlier this week finally it was time for us to go on vacation, so we packed our suitcase (or Ikea bags) and off we went to the Dead sea. to tell the truth I've been to the dead sea quite a few times before and could never find myself enchanted with it's wonders. I guess all that was missing is a five stars hotel and a swimming pool because this time I came back from the lowest place on earth completely sky high and in love.As one who knows the country pretty well (or at least pretend to), I felt a little bit ignorant discovering parts of the Dead sea I've never seen before, and without exaggerating do not fall short to...
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