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13 Mar

The Uniform

That Awkward Blog- The Uniform
Lately I chose to stay under the radar, bluntly ignoring Gindi TLV fashion week and even Purim (the jewish Halloween if you will). I chose to spend my free time watching reruns of "Law & Order", one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Always had a soft spot for cop shows. My skin is not taking all these weather changes very well, and I've been feeling more uncomfortable than ever before.All that's left for me is to wear my current uniform and feel like I never left the house. So, here they are in all it's glory.My thanks to Max for the photos and for binge- watching "Law & Order" with me. Happy Purim to all!♥בזמן האחרון העדפתי לשמור על פרופיל נמוך, להתעלם כמעט...
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2 Feb

I’d Rather Be Sleeping

I know I made a mean teasing post last time (or at least that's what my friends said) to some totally different posts, but somehow this one seems like a winner for now since it has managed to capture my current mood pretty accurately. The season is that of "so much to do, so little time". I have so many things to do and yet I'm not able to finish one single thought or fold my laundry without any distractions. Anyway, at times when I'd rather be sleeping I like to hijack some of Max's shirts. They're always super big and smell like him and that's usually all I need to relax. So although this one is a trendy look of the kind...
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18 Nov

It’s My Party (I’ll Cry if I Want to) ►♫♪

While dealing with the overwhelming return of the nineties I decided to take a break of all black outfits and flannel shirts and pay a loving tribute to my favorite decade of the 20th century. This interpretation to a 60's look of our own day and age has been a favorite of mine quite a few times the past winter and it seems like I'm not ready to let it go just yet. The big hair, the sweet music, the famous mini skirts and the free spirited state of mind that came along with it always get me intrigued, feeling pleasant and yet some what foolish nostalgy to this decade I was never a part of. I'm always tempted to recapture the magic of...
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