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2 Feb

I’d Rather Be Sleeping

I know I made a mean teasing post last time (or at least that's what my friends said) to some totally different posts, but somehow this one seems like a winner for now since it has managed to capture my current mood pretty accurately. The season is that of "so much to do, so little time". I have so many things to do and yet I'm not able to finish one single thought or fold my laundry without any distractions. Anyway, at times when I'd rather be sleeping I like to hijack some of Max's shirts. They're always super big and smell like him and that's usually all I need to relax. So although this one is a trendy look of the kind...
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12 Nov

Plain Jane

you probably would assume that the first time I'll shoot an outfit post it will be very much over the top (I sure thought so), 'cause when it comes to clothing, all year is a lavish costume party designed to let me be whoever I choose. Somehow, when it came down to the moment of truth (and there were many moments of truth, apparently i'm not so comfortable in front of the camera), I decided the first outfit post should be exactly as I am. "Who I am" is also a frequently changing definition, but that I'll leave to a professional. Lately, anyway I've been in a very effortless mood, maybe even a little lazy, which made this denim shirt be the smartest...
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1 Nov

My Boho Moment

My boho moment
Lately all I want to be is this care free girl who's always dressed perfectly sloppy. Her hair is always wavy, messy and sun struck, she goes to indie festivals, listens to indie pop and always speaks slowly.let me blow this coachella bubble for you all at once and say that I'm a pretty neurotic control freak kind of person. that's probably why all this magical nonchalant is sooooo not me. Most of the time I don't even have the patience to listen to people who speak so slowly. I always have to leave the house with every inch of hair in place and god forbid if there's a hole in my pantyhose. Maybe that's why this is all so dreamy to me. So...
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