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20 Jan

Rock N’ Polka Childhood Dreams

That Awkward Blog - Rock N
Ever since we moved into our "home away from home", it seems like weekends have turned into some kind of a manic race when in 48 hours of my weekend I find myself doing enough for two weeks at least, only because I don't wanna miss a thing. This week I'll be staying in Haifa my hometown and it's kinda funny how Haifa will always be my private symbol of childhood, and how I wish to continue being a child just for a little while longer. I want to get a lollipop when I visit my doctor, drink the white antibiotics, never pay rent, sleep late and save all my money in a jar instead of the quicksand in my bank account. I...
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19 Oct

DeadSea Adventures

Earlier this week finally it was time for us to go on vacation, so we packed our suitcase (or Ikea bags) and off we went to the Dead sea. to tell the truth I've been to the dead sea quite a few times before and could never find myself enchanted with it's wonders. I guess all that was missing is a five stars hotel and a swimming pool because this time I came back from the lowest place on earth completely sky high and in love.As one who knows the country pretty well (or at least pretend to), I felt a little bit ignorant discovering parts of the Dead sea I've never seen before, and without exaggerating do not fall short to...
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