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24 Mar

It’s Officially Spring

That Awkward Blog- It
It's officially spring and I couldn't be more excited! Suddenly all the headaches and side effects are totally worth it. Although this winter was not highly eventful or stormy and to tell the truth you could go tanning in mid January, this spring's blossom is simply blissful. Not much is happening here during springtime, but that doesn't make it less joyful for me. Everything is so refreshing and inspiring, even Friday morning's hookah sit downs. The planning for Seder dinner (Passover is coming soon) are also at full speed and you can almost smell the smell of cleanliness disappearing into the smell of great cooking and great intentions. Spring is finally here.Loving thanks to Max for taking these photos and for the...
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13 Mar

The Uniform

That Awkward Blog- The Uniform
Lately I chose to stay under the radar, bluntly ignoring Gindi TLV fashion week and even Purim (the jewish Halloween if you will). I chose to spend my free time watching reruns of "Law & Order", one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Always had a soft spot for cop shows. My skin is not taking all these weather changes very well, and I've been feeling more uncomfortable than ever before.All that's left for me is to wear my current uniform and feel like I never left the house. So, here they are in all it's glory.My thanks to Max for the photos and for binge- watching "Law & Order" with me. Happy Purim to all!♥בזמן האחרון העדפתי לשמור על פרופיל נמוך, להתעלם כמעט...
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13 Jan

Winter Essentials & Puppy Love

That awkward blog - Winter Essentials & Puppy Love
Not long ago I told you about my tendency to fall in love with things I own and wear them time and time again, and if you've been here before or simply have eyes, you probably noticed that since winter came in its full swing I've been having a hard time letting go of my purple MAC lipstick. The reactions I got for it so far were anywhere between gorgeous to hideous, but it is always a good distraction from bad hair days and helps me be a little less tired and pale in a weather of not that many comforts and an ongoing feeling of clumsiness.with the Zara gift card I had, I chose to buy some basic pieces of...
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