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17 Dec

After The Storm

Max & I chose to spend the stormy past weekend at our Herzliya apartment. It was the almighty talked about storm and my parents sent us an amount of food that was enough even in case of an apocalypse. We were lucky enough and our electricity was fully functioning the entire time, so we didn't have to settle for IKEA candles and an iphone web, and had the time to bother ourselves with the more important things in life like how on earth will we shoot the blog in this freezing cold weather. When we made it to the calm after the storm we decided that we too want to see some snow, and off we went to a beautiful snow white Jerusalem. We...
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11 Dec

Got The Blues

It's been pouring rain for a few days now, and meanwhile all I did was drink hot chocolate and herbal tea, then I embarked in a major snooze fest. I must say,  while briefly reading my own blog I realized I'm ready for early retirement much sooner than I thought, and it seems like all that's missing is a monthly allowance and a fractured hip.It's probably not a smart move on my part to begin yapping about california dreamin' already, it is winter there too and I'll run dry on complaints by the time we'll get to february, but than again two rainy days are enough. It's not really a popular opinion, and for sure is not a fashionable one, but my...
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5 Dec

Basically InLove

 This year's hanukkah began with the first candle and one sad goodbye, and so far is continuing with excessive latkes eating. The weather is already making its winter face, which doesn't strike me like a cause for celebration, but it is a great cause to begin wearing sweats.For a while now I've been in a very non-dandy mood and all I wish to wear are pajama pants that I prevent myself from buying fearing if I'll buy them the dandy era of my life will forever remain in the past which will be such a shame 'cause I was getting really good at being a girly- girl, and also, the retro phase of my life cost me quite a bit of...
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