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14 Jul

Why Delilah x MeDusa Pt.2

I really don't know exactly when I became this girl who lives for perfect beach moments, but somehow I did. I'm not the greatest swimmer (that's an understatement) or in it for the tanning, but still on the list of views I can't ever get enough of, the all blue one is high on top.  Earlier this week I've shared with you the first part of my MeDusa adventure from city to nature (here) and I figured it was now time to take you to my favorite spot. For my beach moment I chose the big white bag to keep me company. Immediately when I saw it I knew this one is my new vacay buddy and could see us traveling the world together. Suddenly...
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12 Jul

Why Delilah x MeDusa

One of my favorite things about being a blogger, is of course the non stop traveling "for work". Well, after that, another big thing to be grateful for is the occasional chance to collaborate with brands that speak my fashion language. When I get to combine the two together that's when I'm at my happiest. Recently I got to do this fun project with Medusa, which is a super chic brand that makes vegan & eco-friendly urban bags, that featured all of the above. The girls (and mastertalents) of Medusa understood my traveling craze without me needing to explain it and off we ran. I took my "Medusas" from city to nature and basically had tons of stylish fun. Although made...
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