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14 Feb

Our Wedding – Getting Ready

Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?

“Eat, Drink and Be Married!”

That was the caption written on a pub sitting right outside of our Budapest Airbnb apartment and I loved how symbolic it felt given the fact that was our first trip as newly weds. Max and I recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary, and boy what a year it was.

Almost five months into wedded bliss now, our wedding day was everything we ever dared to wish for and more. We were lucky enough to celebrate love and life with our loved ones, who truly went out of their way to make our day as joyful as can be, and though our true commitment to one another was made long before marriage, this was such a happy, special day in our lives, one we will always treasure. I’m so proud to be calling Max my hubby and feel so blessed to be his girl. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I finally finished writing the story of our modern day fairytale wedding and I’m so excited to share this wedding series with you. I’ll be spilling it all over the next few days, from our style choices and ceremony to music picks and wedding planning insights, so I hope you’ll enjoy this crazy ride. 

September 19th, 2017 was our date of choice and it was incredibly meaningful to us.
This happens to be Max’s parents 36th wedding anniversary and my parents’ 40th. Both couples gave us the best, most pure example of true love and friendship, and continue to inspire us every day. We couldn’t think of a better good luck charm to launch our wedding celebration with and for that we’re forever grateful. 

For our wedding day Max and I decided to get ready together and I can’t tell you how glad I am we did so. We booked ourselves a dreamy room at the gorgeous Hotel Nordoy in Tel Aviv, where we spent the night before our wedding together and also got ready the day of. 

The morning of our wedding was pure magic. We were both so calm and truly had a perfect start to our day. Heavily pregnant at the time Odelia Rave did my makeup so beautifully and the incredibly talented Assaf Levi worked my hair. I wanted to feel like myself and keep my look clean while adding that extra special glow, so we did very minimal makeup using natural tones and a touch of highlighter. This made my skin look healthier than ever and I loved how it turned out. To complete the vibe I chose messy beach waves for my hair. Assaf delivered them perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the result. 

Of course all hair & makeup choices were made to compliment THE dress. In all decisions involving the wedding we had a clear guideline which I also followed when choosing my wedding dress- it had to be contemporary while being timeless.
I started my quest with literally no direction at all. I only knew the dress had to be a good reflection of my natural style and basically be a more glammed up version of me. My key words were effortless, clean, glam, fun & classic. I try to stay loyal to these guidelines in my everyday style choices and here too they helped me keep a good focus and rule out different whims and infatuations.
I ended up opting for a minimalistic silk satin gown by Calvin Klein that I fell madly in love with at first Net-A-Porter glance. It met my many wishes perfectly and I felt like my best self wearing it. It was sexy yet sophisticated, not too revealing but still had an edge to it. I paired the dress with sparkly Nudistsong sandals by Stuart Weitzman. These sandals are to live and die for, best splurge ever! 

For Max’s style we reached for the classics as well.  He opted for a white shirt and black pants by Zara, along with a pair of classic black dress shoes by Aldo, no jacket needed. He looked so yummy! I was totally feeling his vibe that day, gosh..

After we finished getting ready we left to take some quick photos before driving to our wedding venue. Our photographer Ori Sadeh and videographer Ronen Goldshtein truly did an amazing job capturing our day from beginning to end. I was smitten by Ori’s work for years now and Max & I both knew we had to have his good spirit and incredible talent at our wedding. We got to Ronen at Ori’s warm recommendation and it sure was on point. These two were the perfect fit for us and our day was that much better thanks to them.
_Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?_
Our wedding invitation, bought via Etsy. Available here.
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah? _

Bits of my morning. I wanted to get ready in a timeless outfit I could feel like myself in. White shirt & casual jeans made the perfect pick.
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?_
My hot hubby! though it wasn’t the most traditional of choices, getting ready together was one of the smartest moves we made. We had such a joyful morning and were both so calm thanks to it.

My Weitzmans.
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?
We’re finally ready!
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?_
Thanks Nordoy! Loved our stay! You can book it for yourselves here.
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?_
Could we BE more excited?!
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?_
Offir and Liran spent the entire day with us and were the perfect friends to have around. Surrounding yourself with great energies is key to keeping the day fun and peaceful. They both catered our every need throughout and kept us in good spirits all day long. <3
Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?Our Wedding - Getting Ready | Why Delilah?_
On my next post – we’re finally at the wedding! All about our evening from venue & decor to party and aisle music picks. Plus- my wedding jumpsuit,
TA- DAH!!!
If you have any questions at all or would like me to elaborate more about a specific topic, please let me know, I’d love to hear! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Photography: Ori Sadeh / Video: Ronen Goldshtein / Wedding venue: Gallery Events- Kfar Vitkin /  Hotel Nordoy / Makeup: Odelia Rave / Hair: Assaf Levi / Wedding dress: Calvin Klein via Net- A- Porter / Jumpsuit: Halston Heritage via Shopbop / Bridal Sandals: Stuart Weitzman / Groom’s outfit & shoes: Zara + Aldo / Wedding invitation: Etsy, available here. Printed at Ink Ready Print / Wedding bands- Royal Jewellery, Haifa /  RSVP service: RSVP Events. 

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