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26 Feb

Spring Cravings

Sometimes life really gets in the way of writing my blog. Getting "Bikini ready" efforts began extra early this year, and I discovered that I'm definitely not ready for summer yet. We haven't had much of a winter this year around here, so mentally I've been ready for summer probably since last summer. I feel like drinking orange juice and wait for bloom, but orange juice gives me stomachache and maybe a rash. My body is not ready for summer. Until I'll get my body Bikini ready for this upcoming spring, here's a peek at my wishlist for sunny spring days drinking Coke: >White Jumpsuit. On the one hand super tricky if you like to..well.. sit, on the other hand nothing screams "freedom"...
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14 Feb

Casual Friday

That Awkward blog- Denim on denim- Casual friday
I really wanted to spend my week visiting in NYFW, yet sadly enough I wasn't invited, so I decided to see the full side of my glass and enjoy this sunny spring that fell upon us in this dry February.I told you all about my need to go back to basics many times before, so when the sun finally came out and I could loose a layer or two, it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with a denim on denim outfit. The all-denim look is actually one of my favorites when done well, but on the other hand I didn't get to try it much and judging by looks I've seen all over the internet and just around the block,...
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9 Feb

Six Years Already?!

Six years with my great love and best friend! In six years we've come a long way: he got his hair cut, I gained 12 Kg. Toghether we ate 492 rolls of Sushi, and 216 Pizza slices (211 of them in the past year) We've traveled 3 countries together, but we mostly miss one (Thailand). We've paid 2416 Shekels to the house committee, 2000 of them went to watering the lawn. 540 times we took the Herzeliya-Haifa-Nahariya train, 500 of them we had to switch trains in Binyamina :-( We had 433 beers, smiled 540,792 smiles, slept...
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