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29 Apr


Why Delilah?- Overseas
You can't say no to tradition, so when we reluctantly left the Dead Sea, we decided to continue our trip in Jerusalem, as we do every year. Last year, Max and I were still on a "non smartphones" era , so on our Passover trip to Jerusalem we felt like tourists for the day, using a map instead of Waze and a pocket camera instead of an iphone camera. This year was a whole different story. that being said, I never like to miss an opportunity to be a tourist, and if I can't do it overseas, no iphone is going to stop me from touring my own country.So I wore denim and a hat.   Fully equipped with denim, spring hat and our...
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26 Apr


 My grandmother (who sadly passed away a few years ago) always had those super sweet rounded bubble gums, great traditional food that I grew up eating, and she always wore headscarves.  She had headscarves in all colors and textures that only accentuated her natural pleasant features. To this day I'm not big on traditional cooking (or any cooking, for that matter), but just 'cause I don't cook doesn't mean I can't tie a headscarf, so on our dead sea trip last week, I did just that. Call it a freestyle homage if you will.לסבתא שלי זכרה לברכה תמיד היו מסטיקים עגולים, מרק תימני ולחוח בבית, והיא תמיד חבשה מטפחת ראש. היו לה מטפחות בכל מיני צבעים וסוגים ובעיני הן רק הדגישו את העדינות...
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19 Apr

Why Delilah?

Why Delilah- Passover
If you had the chance to drop by here lately you probably noticed the blog had a mini face lift in which I changed its name. Why Delilah? Well, I'm nothing like the femme fatale from Tom Jones's song, but way before I could lip sync to "Hey There Delilah" that nickname stuck with me, so bravely escorting my through all my cyber and non- cyber adventures that I figured it was only the next big step towards making this house a home.  After Passover Seder dinner which was filled with all kinds of guilty pleasures, we've decided to burn our holiday calories and enjoy spring out at nature. When I first met Max, and probably the next 3 years after, we used...
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