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9 Feb

Uptown Girl

Why Delilah? - How To: Casually Style a Blazer
As appealing as they may look on Pinterest, as well as on everyone else, wearing blazers always makes me feel like a madam, and if my mom is not even willing to be called that just yet, it’s certainly not gonna fly with me. 
This Zara blazer was bought a few years ago, completely out of whim (back when I could afford whims). Most times it’s just sitting there, deep inside the darkness of my crowded closet, but every now and then I check on it, wondering if I’ll ever find the perfect match for it without forcing myself into a quarter life crisis.
This past weekend it was once again its day in the sun, and than it hit me (suspenseful music)!
It didn’t take much effort to hit me, truth be told. After I cleaned out probably the entire Asos stock in my last online shopping craze, I felt like the world (a tiny wardrobe world I guess) was at my feet. 
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