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18 Nov

It’s My Party (I’ll Cry if I Want to) ►♫♪

While dealing with the overwhelming return of the nineties I decided to take a break of all black outfitsand flannel shirts and pay a loving tribute to my favorite decade of the 20th century. This interpretation to a 60's look of our own day and age has been a favorite of mine quite a few times the past winter and it seems like I'm not ready to let it go just yet. The big hair, the sweet music, the famous mini skirts and the free spirited state of mind that came along with it always get me intrigued, feeling pleasant and yet some what foolish nostalgy to this decade I was never a part of. I'm always tempted to recapture the magic of...
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12 Nov

Plain Jane

you probably would assume that the first time I'll shoot an outfit post it will be very much over the top (I sure thought so), 'cause when it comes to clothing, all year is a lavish costume party designed to let me be whoever I choose. Somehow, when it came down to the moment of truth (and there were many moments of truth, apparently i'm not so comfortable in front of the camera), I decided the first outfit post should be exactly as I am. "Who I am" is also a frequently changing definition, but that I'll leave to a professional. Lately, anyway I've been in a very effortless mood, maybe even a little lazy, which made this denim shirt be the smartest...
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