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26 Jul

70’s Spirit

One of life's most basic rules is: Always go for the killer dress. This look was something I wanted to try for a good while now and a weekend of  binge watching "Vinyl" and obsessing about Olivia Wilde and some 70's fashion nostalgia made me want it even more.  When I saw this dress while searching online for good "investments" I knew it was meant to be. Although this fabric is not the most forgiving, this dress is a great favorite and coming back to this summer's burning subject, I wore this look to a close friend's wedding and was feeling extra gorgeous.  To complete the look I went with this long golden necklace by Shlomit Ofir that I actually purchased because I could envision it  going perfectly with the dress...
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17 Mar

Fairytale Ending

That Awkward Blog- Fairytale Ending
Since I began my adult life as a free agent, I definitely remained joyful and happy but I lost the will to play dress- up on Purim (as said before on the blog- our jewish equivalent to Halloween), so I settled for some funny ears and compulsive chocolate eating (I was never a fan of Hamantaschen). I was already on my way to spend this purim too in my woman cave and regret it all the way to next year, then came Odelia Rave with her insane amount of talent (that could barely fit through my small doors) and made me an offer I did not want to resist. The next day, with my good will and her awesome talent, our first...
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