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9 Jan

Layer Up

I just noticed this is the first post I'm writing on 2017 and it's a festive event indeed. 2016 was a really great year for me in so many ways, and for this exciting beginning, all I can hope for is to continue my own little winning streak in the new year as well, and keep in mind to always be grateful.  If you've been keeping up, you probably noticed my wardrobe took a darker turn lately. This isn't a new year's resolution of some kind, I guess it's just those winter vibes taking over. I love how simple and minimalistic winter can look using only grey and black, so I guess you can say that's my new thing for now, at...
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20 Sep

Urban Dreamer | Lee Coren

Urban dreamer, lee coren, little street, shlomit ofir, punkt jewelry, ana bidi, city girl, inspiration, bag collection, textile designer
Holiday Season is around the corner and so is my birthday, which makes this a perfect time to reflect on life. The thing is, I've been so crazy busy lately and so caught up in my daily routine that I had hardly any time left for reflections. When I first met textile designer Lee Coren I finally found myself daydreaming again which was a very refreshing turn of events for me.  Being a busy city girl herself, Lee is inspired by urban surroundings but also understands well the need for an escape every so often. She makes it her priority to see, cherish and capture special moments and views from around the world and in her own unique way she combines those two inspirations into well...
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21 Aug

Winning the Heel Challenge

peek-a-boo lace bra, baby pink dress, shlomit ofir ear jackets, breezy summer look wearing heels
I rarely wear heels this time of year because lets face it, it takes a special kind of girl to sweat gracefully and although I am special (wink wink) I'm not that girl. I was missing the height there for a moment so I figured if I can make my outfit as breezy as possible, I just might win the heel challenge. The baby pink dress paired with a peek-a-boo lace bra won the day for me. I later added these beautiful ear jackets courtesy of Shlomit Ofir to keep things nice and icy. All set! How are you managing the summer heel crisis?  _Wearing: Chrissie Ear Jackets courtesy of Shlomit Ofir, Pull & Bear dress, Intima lace bra & Mango heeled sandals.  _ Photography by Max Bluestone....
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