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26 Feb

Spring Cravings

Sometimes life really gets in the way of writing my blog. Getting "Bikini ready" efforts began extra early this year, and I discovered that I'm definitely not ready for summer yet. We haven't had much of a winter this year around here, so mentally I've been ready for summer probably since last summer. I feel like drinking orange juice and wait for bloom, but orange juice gives me stomachache and maybe a rash. My body is not ready for summer. Until I'll get my body Bikini ready for this upcoming spring, here's a peek at my wishlist for sunny spring days drinking Coke: >White Jumpsuit. On the one hand super tricky if you like to..well.. sit, on the other hand nothing screams "freedom"...
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8 Jan

One Down, One To Go!

That awkward blog - My new sport outfit with Nike sneakers
While on my last post I was talking about how a new year is a great time for resolutions you'll never keep, I kept my first new year's resolution much sooner than I imagined and for the first time since elementry school I bought myself a new pair of sneakers.First of all I must say I know absolutely nothing about anything related to sports gear and I wouldn't follow my own advice on that subject if I were you. Anyway, for the first time in my 24 years I decided it was time to get physical. The goals: to tone my body a bit, loose the junk food left overs that's sitting on my butt, and quit being in shape of the...
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1 Nov

My Boho Moment

My boho moment
Lately all I want to be is this care free girl who's always dressed perfectly sloppy. Her hair is always wavy, messy and sun struck, she goes to indie festivals, listens to indie pop and always speaks slowly.let me blow this coachella bubble for you all at once and say that I'm a pretty neurotic control freak kind of person. that's probably why all this magical nonchalant is sooooo not me. Most of the time I don't even have the patience to listen to people who speak so slowly. I always have to leave the house with every inch of hair in place and god forbid if there's a hole in my pantyhose. Maybe that's why this is all so dreamy to me. So...
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