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17 May

White Sand Cravings

White Sand Cravings, Vacation, summer vacation, Vacation outfits
I'm probably getting too greedy since recently all I do is travel (and travel some more), but lately all I can think about is how I crave a summer vacation. So much so that I noticed I only buy outfits I'd wear on a summer vacay. Dresses that can't be worn with a bra, deep cleavage, flowy and somewhat sheer fabrics. I love this whole new free vibe and can't get enough of it, although I'm not too sure if my outfits are the ones doing the trick or just the constant feeling I'll be booking a flight any day now. Give me white sand.  _ Wearing: Free People dress, Penumbra bracelet.  _ Photography by Max Bluestone. ...
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26 Feb

Spring Cravings

Sometimes life really gets in the way of writing my blog. Getting "Bikini ready" efforts began extra early this year, and I discovered that I'm definitely not ready for summer yet. We haven't had much of a winter this year around here, so mentally I've been ready for summer probably since last summer. I feel like drinking orange juice and wait for bloom, but orange juice gives me stomachache and maybe a rash. My body is not ready for summer. Until I'll get my body Bikini ready for this upcoming spring, here's a peek at my wishlist for sunny spring days drinking Coke: >White Jumpsuit. On the one hand super tricky if you like to..well.. sit, on the other hand nothing screams "freedom"...
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2 Feb

I’d Rather Be Sleeping

I know I made a mean teasing post last time (or at least that's what my friends said) to some totally different posts, but somehow this one seems like a winner for now since it has managed to capture my current mood pretty accurately. The season is that of "so much to do, so little time". I have so many things to do and yet I'm not able to finish one single thought or fold my laundry without any distractions. Anyway, at times when I'd rather be sleeping I like to hijack some of Max's shirts. They're always super big and smell like him and that's usually all I need to relax. So although this one is a trendy look of the kind...
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