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3 Aug

Good Vibes Only (Silver Linings)

Some weeks everything just seems kinda off. I'm currently having one of those weeks so this upcoming weekend looks all the more exciting. I decided not to leave it to chance and get my mojo back via my humble "good vibes only" bubble I got going here. This summer brought along many blessings, and I couldn't be more grateful. Don't mean to get all philosophical on you but I do think taking the time to look on the bright side is super helpful and in this hectic life we lead we sure need to learn how to take a moment for positive thinking.  While I'm counting my own personal blessings, just thought this could be a great time to share with you some of my favorite summer...
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14 Jul

Why Delilah x MeDusa Pt.2

I really don't know exactly when I became this girl who lives for perfect beach moments, but somehow I did. I'm not the greatest swimmer (that's an understatement) or in it for the tanning, but still on the list of views I can't ever get enough of, the all blue one is high on top.  Earlier this week I've shared with you the first part of my MeDusa adventure from city to nature (here) and I figured it was now time to take you to my favorite spot. For my beach moment I chose the big white bag to keep me company. Immediately when I saw it I knew this one is my new vacay buddy and could see us traveling the world together. Suddenly...
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30 Jun

Ladies First

Ladies first, keds100, keds style, swimsuit, summer outfits, keds collaboration, travel
Since I decided not to let reality get in the way of my vacation, life has become so much more fun. I explore new fabulous places within an hour or two radius of my home, and feel as if I'm taking over the entire world. I was sure I already found out all I ever needed to know about the woman I wanted to be, and was convinced that woman was an extra powerful, well dressed couch potato. It was much to my surprise when my new calling revealed itself in the form of needing to see, feel, learn and take photos of everything. I was so excited to collaborate with Keds on this post, celebrating 100 years of iconic...
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